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Manual & Computerised Bookkeeping Award

Aim: This course provides learners with knowledge of manual bookkeeping systems & procedures. It aims to equip the learner with the skills to set up and maintains a computerised accounts systems. This course can be delivered using QuickBooks, Sage or Big Red Book Accounting software.

Manual Book keeping

Module 1 - Books of Original Entry

Module 2 - Double Entry Book- keeping

Module 3 - Completing Ledger Accounts

Module 4 - Preparing Financial Accounts

Computerised Book keeping

Purchases Ledger

  • Set up Supplier accounts and details.
  • Enter purchases invoices.
  • Enter supplier payments.
  • Allocate payments to invoices.
  • Prepare remittance advices.
  • Generate aged creditors listing.
  • Read and understand purchases/suppliers reports.

Sales Ledger

  • Set up Customer accounts and details.
  • Enter Sales/customers invoices.
  • Set up Products/Items and Services.
  • Generate Sales Invoices- using computerised system.
  • Enter customers receipts.
  • Allocate receipts to invoices.
  • Generate aged Debtors.
  • Prepare Customers statements.
  • Read and understand Debtors/Sales reports.

Module 3 - Cash Books

  • Set up Bank Accounts, Petty Cash and Credit Card Accounts.
  • Enter cash payments.
  • Enter Receipts/ Sales.
  • Complete computerised bank reconciliation.
  • Read and understand Cash reports.

Module 4 - Nominal Ledger & Reporting

  • Understand the Nominal Ledger.
  • Prepare Bi Monthly Vat report.
  • Prepare & understand Profit & Loss account.
  • Prepare & understand Balance Sheet.
  • Year end procedures.
  • Back up and Restore Data.

In order to obtain certification it is necessary to undertake a computerised assessment on day 5 of the course. The duration of this is 2 hours and will assess the computerised component of the course.

A manual assessment will be undertaken as a project/case study which can be completed at home and must be submitted at the end of the course.

Upon successful completion of this course learners will be awarded QQI Certificate Level 5, component module 5N1354

For further information download this file:
Manual & Computerised Bookkeeping Award 5N1354

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